The organizer of the company first entered in the furniture sector in 1980. To break through the traditional production, Just-in-Time System was practiced in the production and fortunately it caught up with the trend, which has offered a chance towards further understanding of producing techniques, process, related machines, etc. At the time Taiwanese woodworking mainly produced traditional machines. However, as the machines no longer satisfied the needs, the organizer was led to the entrance of new development and manufacture.

After a decade's of growth, Yang-der Machinery Co., Ltd. Was established in 1992, combining furniture making techniques and woodworking machine development. For we realized the biggest bottleneck for furniture making is sanding, we have paid all efforts into creation and production and came up with various patented sanders. Our automatic sanders have reached self-operating, low cost, high quality, excellent sanding effect, big capacity, without working under technicians, which neets the customer's satisfaction and will be constantly applied.

We highly appreciate our customers and those who support us through out these years. For the business concept, the campany is moved to the present address. We will continue with the development and creation for better machines as a reward to our precious customers. We sincerely look forward to comments from old partners and future prospective.

Main Products�G

  1. KS Series: single/double Belt Keyboard Style Seat Sander
  2. Board type:
    PS Series(outer edge): single/double Belt Universal Profile Sander
    Multi-function sander (stripe sanding cloth wheel; brush wheel)
    SP Series(surface; non-surface): Final Sanding And Polishing Machine
    MS Series(outer edge): single/double Head, Multi-Purpose Copy Sander
    MIS�BICS: Multi-Purpose Inner Copy Sande
  3. Automatic wood-buffing sander
  4. Liner profile sander
  5. Full series hydraulic presses for chair
  6. Special application machine development and manufacture
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